Location:  Khilkhet, Dhaka
Dates:  Jan 2013 – Aug 2017
Status:  Completed
Client: t International Holdings Ltd.
Size: 7359 sqm (1.82 acres)

We provided all architectural and engineering services. The services rendered are as follows:

A. Design and Documentation stage:
• Architectural Presentation Drawings.
• 3D drawings (Perceptions) and scale paper model
• Architectural working drawing and detailing.
• Structural design and drawing.
• Plumbing and sanitary design including the water supply and sanitation System
• HVAC design including the air-conditioning ducting drawing and Central Ventilation system.
• Fire fighting design including the fire detection system, fire sprinkler, Hydrant and other suppression system.
• Preparation of Bill of quantities (BOQ) and specification.
• Tender documents preparation and selection of contractor.

B. Services provided at construction stage:
• Constant supervision by engineers (3 B.Sc Civil engineers, 2 Diploma civil engineers).
• Top supervision by design architects and engineers.
• Contractors bill evaluation.
• Over all quality control and time management.
• Monthly progress report preparation