We are committed to good design. Here at THAL weincorporate contemporary architectural practices into local and regional contexts. THAL understands the importance of a well-designed project and its significant improvement in quality of life at all levels of society.

A well-designed project has a positive impact not only on its users but also in its civic context. As such, our architectural practice covers the whole spectrum of services – from civic, cultural, transportation and infrastructure to residential and urban masterplanning.


Masterplan projects are often faced with the challenges of enhancing the existing spatial qualities and urban amenities of a given area, improving infrastructure and promoting business development.

Here at THAL, our masterplan designs create spaces that have a clear communal identity, a strong base for economic development, and healthy connections with surrounding neighbourhoods.


For each new project, the creation of value often begins with a collaborative dialogue that involves trusted development experts from the client’s side of the table, specifically to protect our clients’ best interests.

On any project we would work with the client throughout the project conception and development process, to define and deliver a unique strategy that responds acutely to the client vision and end-users requirements.


As stated before, THAL boasts an in-house engineering consultant team. This team is well-experienced in their respective field of practice and well-equipped with stateof-the-art software.

During the architectural design phase, the enigeering team is thoroughly consulted on all aspects of engineering (structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing), ensuring that the clients vision is fulfilled according to international standards.

In addition to an in-house engineering team, THAL also enlists the help of highly-experienced engineering associates, dedicated in their field of expertise. Many of our associates have been working with us since the company’s inception.


We prepare architectural design drawings as per client requirements. This design phase also includes 3D visualizations to get a better understanding of the design. After finalizing the design, we prepare working drawings ready for construction.