RAJUK Twin Tower


Location: Keraniganj, Dhaka
Dates: TBC
Status: In Development
Client: RAJUK
Size: 14278 sqm

This Twin Tower project is part of the greater Jhilmil Residential Park, which is undertaken with Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) and BNG Global of Malaysia in a Public-Private Partnership.

The towers are 25-storied with 3 basements. One of the towers is designated as RAJUK Office tower, while the other tower is a 5-star hotel. Total site area of this project is 153687 sft (14278 sqm).

The project also includes the design of a 04-storied mosque and a 06- storied school & college building. Scope of work for this project includes feasibility studies, economic analysis and site analysis for need assessment for total present and future space requirements for RAJUK. Moreover, the requirements  for providing a modern state-of-the-art office cum
commercial building also falls under our scope of work.

Other aspects of our scope of work include:
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA); Detailed design of surface drain, footpath, road widening; GPS survey & Detailed Master layout plan of Jhilmil Residential Project within the designated area; Detailed Architectural & Structural design & drawing of 02 (two) entry gate; Detail design & drawing of lake development & beautification works; Detail design & drawing of 4 arch for 2 bridge beautification works;
Detail design and drawing of Graveyard Preparation of architectural & structural design and drawing for 4 Nos. of Masjid. Detailed Design of Playground, Park development & Car parking.